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Listen closely to what the founders of this hot clothing line had to say in reference to how they formed. They have an interesting story and a great voice. The brand speaks for itself.  Please reference to their bio below!

From the Streets of L.A. I, Marvin Pantaleon, founder of One World Peace grew up Playing sports and wearing Street Wear Fashion which is where my first inspiration came from to start the clothing brand.

ONE WORLD PEACE CLOTHING was born November of 2014. I went all in on my idea to start the Brand after I lost my job.

I came up with the name One World Peace company after my original idea to name it “Worldwide Peace”. Thought about adding my Favorite number to it and it sounded Right and so it came out as “One World Peace “.

Our vision  One World Peace co. is to Help spread positivity and make a difference around you and your community. By being yourself and living #PeaceLoveKnowledge life Style. Also for every 1 Product Bought it helps give 1 backpack away in our annual events.

I later teamed up in 2015 with now co- founder  WYEL LEGEND who I met my second year into establishing ONE WORLD PEACE CLOTHING. We became business partners and close friends because we shared the same views and very similar mission to make a postive change in society thru our talent and art. What better way to do it then by combining quality clothing and music is the thought that sparked the journey. Wyel Legend brings talented quality music and his overall driven energy and understanding of the table and so we make a great team together and have thus far accomplished great feats as we continue to grow and progress in the Fashion and Music industry.

13 fashion shows, 3,000 backpack giveaways, and 3 major music video appearances later we are continuing to push the limits and raise the bar to set our mark in history at being one of the best to ever do it in both areas of fashion and music.

Our customers have been all kinds. Such as local and celebes known nationwide, Athletes, Skaters, New Generation thinkers, and People who overall believe in Spreading Positivity.

We find new customers and supporters everyday via  Social media and person to person meet and greets by  going out to events and just word of mouth everywhere we go we try to promote the brand to find new customers.

One of our most proud moments in the company history is when when we started to  ship a few items out of state and out the country. Every summer we host our own Annual event “One World Peace co. Back to school supply give way Event”


You can expect Progression in all areas of the company and partnership as One World Peace Co grows into the worldwide favorite qe see it becoming.

We are Spreading World Peace with Clothing and music Making the fantasy of World Peace a Reality . Make a difference wearing OWP , Be yourself #PeaceLoveKnowledge

Founder : Marvin Pantaleon &

Co-founder : Wyel Legend


One World Peace Co.

Originated in South Gate,Ca

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Online Store : OneWorldPeaceco.com



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