Upcoming Talented Hip Hop Artist Gael DeLARossa

Gael DeLaRossa Hot new Song Stuck In My Wayz 

We have a really hot upcoming music artist by the name of Gael DeLaRossa. He is creating a strong impression with his music. He has proven to us that he can hold his own when it comes to becoming a hot solo artist.

Gael DeLARossa has been the new wave up a triple threat, he has the looks, intelligence and great music to set the wave for the new generation. He has been developing his craft himself and doing a phenomenal job at it.

Straight out of Fresno Ca . Gael has been a fixture in California hip hop for some time.  After relocating to Los Angeles back in 2008 and joining a band and touring for many years in the underground hip hop scene .He’s finally decided to come out on his own as a solo artist . Mixing R&B with Hip Hop & Punk . Gael has his own unique sound with a dual threat ability of being able to sing as well as rap .  Even being a brand new artist you can hear his veteran presence on the record. A breath of fresh air in a game full of copy cats.

Be sure to check out his new song that just dropped called ” Stuck In My Wayz  “

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Instagram : www.instagram.com/ricanpapi3

Facebook fan page :https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/Gael-DeLarossa-107620907310638/

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