Los Angeles Finest Upcoming Female Hip Hop artist Chanda Tresvant


We have one of the hottest upcoming female Hip Hop artist and singer, Chanda Tresvant. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to mother, Donna Tresvant and father Derek Tresvant. As she was growing up she was surrounded by professionals in the music industry. Her cousin happens to be Ralph Tresvant. He is the lead singer of the group New Edition. Her father was into radio promotion and was in Billboard magazine. He did a lot of work behind the scenes in the industry.

 Chanda has 3 siblings. She has one younger brother. One older sister and a fraternal twin sister. Who all belong to the same mother and father. As she was growing up Chanda went to performing arts elementary school and a performing arts middle school. This is where she participated with her twin sister acting in the school plays. She then started taking acting lessons.

  Every Saturday in High school, she took acting classes, with legendary Todd bridges mother Betty bridges. She attended these classes up until she graduated from high school. When Chanda graduated, she landed an opportunity to be in a rapper music video which goes by the name of “Father”. This was very popular at the time, and she appeared on MTV. This landed her more opportunities to advance her career. She, then appeared in several additional music videos with mainstream artist’s such as: YG, Nipsey Hussle, Young Dolph, Decadez, Neyo, and many more. Chanda decided to make a music career of her own and tell people she was an inspiring artist herself. She came across a producer that took a chance on her and recorded her first released song “Why they actin?” And the rest was history. Chanda filmed 2 music videos for her singles “Don’t understand” and “irrelevant “. Chanda is currently releasing a new single titled “What it looks like?”. And her first performance will be May11 in Atlanta in front of 30,000 people she is expected to keep going and have many more performances and songs on the way.

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