Superstar Peezy Atlanta best Kept Secret

Superstar Peezy is an upcoming dope lyricist, born and raised in Atlanta, zone 4 to be exact, where the cascades road and Ben Hill area, known as the SWATS, which is South West Atlanta.

Superstar Peezy was one of those guys that would work on his music while, everyone else would be doing other things. His friends and family members were into sports, while he was perfecting his craft. He realized that he was good at creating his own music and content. He started off dubbing cassette tapes and rapping over the cassette beats, after then it was over!!!! His journey of music begins.

The name speaks for itself, “Superstar Peezy”. When we discovered one of ATL’S hottest upcoming Hip Hop Stars. We were thrilled to announce “Superstar Peezy” He is hot, creative, on point and has a destiny to win. He is dropping some real smoke with his new single “Woah Now”. He gives you a whole different level of shine when he drops his hot new song blessed by a dope beat from the “Goonies.” With a combination of Peezy lyrics with the Goonies beat, the song definitely sparks up some smoke. We hear that different level of greatness that jumps at you and give you that “Woah”feeling.

Catch him on Instagram @SuperStarPeezy

Check out his hot new single “Woah Now”

BTK Villeion Columbia MO most Finest Hip Hop Upcoming SuperStar!

We discovered another hot talent. This guy is just all around platinum. He has the swag, the music and platform to make it in this industry. He is on another level of “Dope” We introduce the world to BTK Villeion, he is originally from Indianapolis, IN. He is currently a new hot artist. He has a hot new EP out called “Cell 15” available on all music platforms. So make sure you guys check him out. He is looking to expand his horizons globally across the world. His music level is nothing less than mainstream level. He is smoking hot. BTK Villeion just dropped a hot new single called “Rockstar” This is on a whole nother level of Hip Hop. This kid has charisma, style, he dresses well, he has a great presence when he walks in the room, his music quality is phenomenal. Be on the lookout for the hot new single “RockStar”

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Also his Instagram @BTKVILLEION

Al Coe An Artist To Watch

AL COE is a rising star that is beginning to buzz in the industry from Bronx, NY and is currently living in Atlanta. He has been on several major tours and has had songs that have hit the billboards for top selling singles in the country, which includes a record called “She A Freak”, he has dropped 4 projects in the past and has collectively reached over 1 million views on YouTube. He has also received write-ups from some of the biggest magazines in the country. He is currently cosigned and heavily working with Akon and also working with one of the hottest DJ’s in the Atlanta “DJ Holiday”

DJ Holiday has also worked closely with Al Coe. They have several projects in the making that will be dropping soon. Al Coe currently has a song featuring the famous Dave East that is gaining some momentum and radio play in major cities. Al Coe also has a fabulous acting career. He has a major film he is in with COLUMBUS SHORT & SNOOP from the wire that comes out in all major theatres in spring 2019 called “Scott Free”

You can stay tuned with AL COE on Instagram @Coestyle

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Hip Hop Super Talented Artist Epilz

We have a hot artist alert. We discovered one of North Carolina’s hidden secret, his name is Epilz. He is a really talented music artists that has been developing his career. You have to check him out. He has been working hard and putting out some good music. We watched him emerge, and I must say we are thrilled. He has took his music career to the next level and has done such a good job at putting a real effort behind his music.
North Carolina phenom Epilz couldn’t come at a better time. As a new generation takes the reins and the feeling of the feel good and authentic hip-hop of the 80s and 90s starts to fade and be replaced by trap and mumble rap, quality hip-hop is need now more than ever to remind us that the message in music still matters and that history isn’t only written in text books. Eric Mayo
(Born September 1,1987) in Raleigh NC is Epilz, an American rapper, writer, executive record producer, Battle rapper, fashion designer and the head of the USA hip-hop collective , league of Xtrodinary gentlemen (LXG). Epilz grew up between many worlds with different styles of music from all over the country migrating to his state, because of that he now has a unique and eclectic sound that can’t be duplicated. His first album Ex-games a combination of hip-hop and R&B was written and executive produced by the artist.
Some of his major influences are big daddy kane, JAY-Z, LL Cool J, Method Man, Outkast, The ROOTS and more . To him music is about the dream of having a common language- to be the great communicator. Not to save the world but to make the wounds, the hunger, the bombs, the racism, the prejudice, the negligence and struggle of everyday life a little easier to war against, Dream big while your awake it’s never to late.
You can check him out online at Instagram: @epilz
Here is the link to his hot new Youtube video: