Superstar Peezy Atlanta best Kept Secret

Superstar Peezy is an upcoming dope lyricist, born and raised in Atlanta, zone 4 to be exact, where the cascades road and Ben Hill area, known as the SWATS, which is South West Atlanta.

Superstar Peezy was one of those guys that would work on his music while, everyone else would be doing other things. His friends and family members were into sports, while he was perfecting his craft. He realized that he was good at creating his own music and content. He started off dubbing cassette tapes and rapping over the cassette beats, after then it was over!!!! His journey of music begins.

The name speaks for itself, “Superstar Peezy”. When we discovered one of ATL’S hottest upcoming Hip Hop Stars. We were thrilled to announce “Superstar Peezy” He is hot, creative, on point and has a destiny to win. He is dropping some real smoke with his new single “Woah Now”. He gives you a whole different level of shine when he drops his hot new song blessed by a dope beat from the “Goonies.” With a combination of Peezy lyrics with the Goonies beat, the song definitely sparks up some smoke. We hear that different level of greatness that jumps at you and give you that “Woah”feeling.

Catch him on Instagram @SuperStarPeezy

Check out his hot new single “Woah Now”

BTK Villeion Columbia MO most Finest Hip Hop Upcoming SuperStar!

We discovered another hot talent. This guy is just all around platinum. He has the swag, the music and platform to make it in this industry. He is on another level of “Dope” We introduce the world to BTK Villeion, he is originally from Indianapolis, IN. He is currently a new hot artist. He has a hot new EP out called “Cell 15” available on all music platforms. So make sure you guys check him out. He is looking to expand his horizons globally across the world. His music level is nothing less than mainstream level. He is smoking hot. BTK Villeion just dropped a hot new single called “Rockstar” This is on a whole nother level of Hip Hop. This kid has charisma, style, he dresses well, he has a great presence when he walks in the room, his music quality is phenomenal. Be on the lookout for the hot new single “RockStar”

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Also his Instagram @BTKVILLEION

Neveah is the next Upcoming R&B Superstar


Neveah is such a talented R&B artist. She has everything it takes to make it in this industry. She has the look, passion, drive, voice and her music sounds great. 

Neveah has accomplished so much throughout her career:

In 2006 is when she first started her music career. She has shared the stage with well accomplished artists such as; Legendary “Keith Sweat”, “H-Town”, and Bobby Valentino. Neveah has such a great stage presence. She electrifies the stage when she performs. She has built up a performance repertoire that combines her passion, persistence and underlying drive for success. She is definitely a well accomplished artist.

Neveahs’ EP “All yours” Was re-released in 2014. The EP consisted of 4 tracks. Two tracks were pulled from the project as lead singles. The 1st single “Boom” was re-released at the end of 2015 and the video was completed in 2016.  The video gained national recognition and was nominated for best R&B video and won at the Carolina Music Video Awards. Her single was also picked up for a movie soundtrack entitled “Go Hard” To be released at the end of 2017 in association with“Gaimchng3r ENT”. These are some really great achievements by an independent artist, that many have found difficult to attain so early in their career.

Neveah Has collaborated with Top Producers to create that perfect tone

Neveah is such a great talent. She makes the right choices as to whom she will work with. Her sound is so unique and different than other R&B artists. She combined her sound with top producer “Krazy Figz” This made a phenomenal sound that later turned into a phenomenal records.  Neveahs’ production team is outstanding.  She has worked with a production team out of “Skybox Studios” Located in Charlotte, NC.  She has also worked with an outstanding production team at “Playground Studios” located in Durham NC, as well as production teams in Atlanta GA.


What you can expect 

Neveahs’ latest project named ” Yours Truly” will be released on all digital platforms in the fall. Her current single off this anticipated EP is called Someone Real. This single is available on all digital platforms so go get it and stay tuned for live performances and new releases to come!



Neveah Social Media :

Facebook : @NeveahJP

Twitter: @Neveahotr

Instagram: @Neveahotr 


Kidd Fresh One of The Hottest Female Rappers on the West Coast

Kidd Fresh has inspired us so much with her music. We have not seen anything like her. She is what the younger generation is putting their hope into. We saw her perform at the “West Coast Executive Music Conference”  She appeared in a stretch limo with a huge team of supporters. She is definitely making a huge impact in the world of “Hip Hop” . She is originally from Portland, Oregon, however she has a team of supporters in Los Angeles, CA. She recently moved here. She is already performing at some of the hottest events in Los Angeles. 

Kidd Fresh is not your average music artists. She has been developing her craft for music since she was 8 years old.  She has formed 2 different groups with her siblings growing up. That explains why she is so good today.

Where does Kidd Fresh obtain her inspiration from ?

Kidd Fresh growing up has been inspired by some incredible music artists. Some legendary and some are mainstream newer generation music artists. When we think of the old school and new age artists, these are who Kidd Fresh acknowledged that she was inspired by ; “NAS”, “Tupac”, “MC Lyte”, “Eazy E” “Too Short”, “Tank” ,”Nipsey Hustle”, “Donell Jones”, “Chris Brown” and many more. 

What is Kidd Fresh Objective/Goal 

Kidd Fresh did acknowledge that she wanted her listeners to be able to see her through her music. She wants to inspire others through her music. She also wants to motivate others not to give up on themselves. That you can make the impossible  possible.  She would like to see herself performing side by side by some of her favorite artist’s such as; “Drake” Kelani” One day she hopes to gain global exposure for her music and to inspire the world. 

Where can you find Kidd Fresh ? 

Check out her social media links below:

• instagram: @kidd_fresh503

• Facebook: @Ariel Hall

• Twitter: @ darealkiddfresh
• SoundCloud: @KIDD F.R.E.S.H. 503
Upcoming Releases: 
Single: SOLO dropping between August 5-10th
She is always working on something new so fans can always expect to see more. 

Hip Hop Super Talented Artist Epilz

We have a hot artist alert. We discovered one of North Carolina’s hidden secret, his name is Epilz. He is a really talented music artists that has been developing his career. You have to check him out. He has been working hard and putting out some good music. We watched him emerge, and I must say we are thrilled. He has took his music career to the next level and has done such a good job at putting a real effort behind his music.
North Carolina phenom Epilz couldn’t come at a better time. As a new generation takes the reins and the feeling of the feel good and authentic hip-hop of the 80s and 90s starts to fade and be replaced by trap and mumble rap, quality hip-hop is need now more than ever to remind us that the message in music still matters and that history isn’t only written in text books. Eric Mayo
(Born September 1,1987) in Raleigh NC is Epilz, an American rapper, writer, executive record producer, Battle rapper, fashion designer and the head of the USA hip-hop collective , league of Xtrodinary gentlemen (LXG). Epilz grew up between many worlds with different styles of music from all over the country migrating to his state, because of that he now has a unique and eclectic sound that can’t be duplicated. His first album Ex-games a combination of hip-hop and R&B was written and executive produced by the artist.
Some of his major influences are big daddy kane, JAY-Z, LL Cool J, Method Man, Outkast, The ROOTS and more . To him music is about the dream of having a common language- to be the great communicator. Not to save the world but to make the wounds, the hunger, the bombs, the racism, the prejudice, the negligence and struggle of everyday life a little easier to war against, Dream big while your awake it’s never to late.
You can check him out online at Instagram: @epilz
Here is the link to his hot new Youtube video: 

Upcoming Popstar Sasan Soury

We have a unique talent by the name of Sasan Soury.  He is a multilingual pop artist. meaning he is proficient in multiple languages and can sing in multiple languages. We were fascinated to encounter a diverse talent that is emerging into a well developed” Pop Artist” He sings in English, Farsi and Arabic.  He was born and raised in Tehran, which is part of Iran.  He has always had a passion for music. When he was in school, his teachers would often find him singing tunes in class. He grew up on Iranian classic music, Iranian Pop, American Pop, Rock, Hip hop & R&B.

Sasan Soury is not your average artist. He is beyond that. He has studied the art of music . He has trained with legendary vocal coach Mrs. Bobby. She has also worked with and trained legends such as Michael Jackson.  When Sasan attended training at ” Hollywood Pop” He then learned how to better songwrite, perform, dance and enhance his vocals. This is where upcoming pop stars are molded into becoming a well rounded and better performing artist. This schooling enhanced his career. There are many legendary mainstream level artists that have trained there such as; Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas and many more.  

What makes Sasan Soury even more interesting is that his credits are far more greater than “Hollywood Pop” He has also recorded songs with well known producer/composer Kevin Dorsey. Kevin Dorsey has huge credits in the industry such as working with Michael Jackson.  Sasan Soury extends his credibility out to working with Tommy Oregon who was Michael Jackson guitarist. 

What we like about Sasan Soury is that his music is positive, inspiring & brings positive vibes to the world. His music is inspiring to our generation. His music makes people smile and brings comfort to the world.  One of his songs labeled “Be Yourself” This song brings comfort to the world and gives the greenlight to being yourself and to be comfortable being you. 

Sasan Soury has more great songs in the making. He has been releasing some positive inspiring music. We look forward to checking out his new catalog of music. 

Please follow Sasan Soury online:

Twitter : @sasanmusic1


Female Hip Hop Artist & SuperStar Venomiss

We were able to obtain a hot new interview with Female Hip Hop artist “Venomiss” She is really sparking up some hot fire music ! Check out our interview with the superstar below, it is quite interestinf

Q:   First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

Venomiss Response: ​I got started in local battles and talent shows in New Jersey. I’ve been rapping since I was around 12 years old but by the time I was 17 I decided to take it serious. I knew it was something I was passionate about. I did a lot of shows and battles and songs locally but I was young and inexperienced in business, so I took some time away from the forefront after finding some success online to better understand the business side.  Once I had a better handle on it, I attacked the music world head-on full steam ahead and I haven’t stopped or slowed down yet. Now, 3 years back in and I have had a’lot of success, my first single dropped and has done nearly a million streams on Spotify to date. As a independent artist with no major push, this was a great achievement and pushed me to drop my first studio album “Heiress of The Echelon” which went on to win two independent album of the year awards and get me nominated for 21 awards nationally.  It’s just been a climb from there! 

Q:  What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Venomiss Response: ​Don’t compare yourself to others. Be true to yourself and work on perfecting what you have. If you stay true to yourself, you will find that eventually what you create will be so authentic it will be undeniable. You will attract fans and people who believe in your authentic nature. Fitting in is overrated. ​

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Venomiss Response:  Making a new record is so exciting and its on of my favorite parts of being an artist. Trying new things, making a vision come together is an amazing feelings.

 Sitting back and listening to it for the first time, sometimes I get goosebumps when I know something I thought up came to life. It can be stressful though, if you’re trying something new and can’t quite get it right the first try. I can be a perfectionist so I tend to want to take my time and make sure its exactly how I want it.


Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?


Venomiss Response: Usually I can write a verse in a 15 to 20 minutes if i’m really into a track. I can come up with the concepts and ideas for the song pretty fast. Lately, I have been more into taking my time and manifesting  more timeless music. Not every song is meant to be constructed in 20 minutes. Sometimes you have to allow the vibe to grow. 

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Venomiss Response: ​My friends and family always tease me because I say “It is what it is” all the time! I say it without even noticing that I say it. It can be a good slogan to live by. What is meant to be will be. The universe will make room for what is meant for you so don’t sweat the things that are out of your control.​

Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car right now?

Venomiss Response: ​I am not a singer but I listen to alot of R&B. I have a good ear for music in general so I listen to many different artists. Right now, on repeat in my car are H.E.R- Focus, Jhene Aiko- Scentiva, Bryson Tiller- Right My Wrongs and Kendrick Lamar- Money Trees. Something about those records have kept them on repeat for about a month. In another month, I will move on to another vibe but right now that’s what i’m riding with.​

Q :What are your future goals as a music artist?

Venomiss Response: My future goals are to keep climbing. I model, I host radio, visual and performance shows, I have acted, You name it! I have tried my hands in it.  ​I had my first acting role in an indie film “Hello My Name is Joe” by E-D Productions. I have launched a career as a curve model by challenging myself to be different. I have co-hosted radio shows as well as hosted events. I just finished writing my first fiction novel I will be releasing in 2019. I have a television show I am executive producing and working on bringing to life. I have two businesses opening in 2019. You name it! I do it. I am an artist who enjoys branching my creativity into many areas. I feel the only idea that’s a failure is the one I don’t explore.

Q: What was your most memorable performance to date?

Venomiss Response: ​I  LOVE to perform. Performing is my favorite part of music. The feel of the crowd, the energy in the room….I put on a good show whether there is 3 people in the room or 3,000. My largest show was a crowd of 10,000. I have been fortunate to have a lot of great shows, I’ve opened for Nappy Roots, Krs-One, Mario, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Mo, and a few others. My two most memorable shows are opening for KRS-One because it was the first time I had done such a large scale show. It was a chance encounter which led to his team hearing my music that made it possible and them taking a chance to put me on the shows will forever mean the world to me. Walking out onto that stage from backstage and realizing there were 5,000 people in the room was surreal. The crowd’s reception was great. Another favorite was definitely the Nappy Roots show. It was a really amazing show because the crowd was so very receptive of me as an artist and my music and very interactive with me. They sang along, they danced with me, they took selfies with me. Great memories.

This interview with Venomiss was astonishing! She does have some amazing projects unfolding. you can check them out, she has two new singles out now: Roofie and Far Away Featruing Lyrik G

You can also follow “Venomiss” on social media at this specified links below:

​Twitter/Instagram: @itsvenomiss

Also, Find lots of my music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal Deezer and more!

E holla The New Age of Music

We discovered a hot new talent, his name is  Eric Holland aka E HOLLA.  He has been singing every since he was ten years old.  He is from virginia Beach, VA. He is one of the hottest upcoming talents out of his area. What captivated us about him is that he has the gift to inspire others by his music. He has been doing everything in his power to pursue his music career.  He has developed a strong skill set in bringing forth quality music and displaying his truest passion for music.

Here is some insight on E Holla ; he attended Tallwood High School with an Advance Diploma. He went to Tidewater Community College for a while but stopped to work. What he really wants to do in life is to pursue his dreams in singing.

 E Holla is a diverse talent. He has great potential and never gives up on himself.  He would like to pursue his career by allowing his music to captivate a large range of audience. 

   Coming up as a child he would sing old Motown songs his mom used to play on the radio and since then he trained himself how to sing by trying to sing the words exactly how the artist sang it.  He has  always been inspired by Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke and all of the other Motown singers, but in today’s music he has been inspired by mostly all of the R&B singers. He has never sung in Church or took vocal lessons, He just sang on the streets around his neighborhood. E Holla was told by many that he should really hold on to this gift and really pursue this as a career. This is what has shaped him to become the talented music artist that he is today.

You can check him out online at the social media platforms below: