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 We have discovered a hot new product that works for natural hair. This product is called “Golden Soil” They offer numerous products that helps enhance your beauty and keep you natural. They even have one of the best “Body Butters” I have ever used. Here is a little insight on “Golden Soil” They are the future for the natural hair providing moisture, sheen and the proper proportioned nutrients  to help the hair maintain its natural growth. Golden Soil’s secret is providing nothing but the best ingredients ensuring natural nutrients that help the hair grow and maintain its natural youth. Golden Soil has been the perfect solution for athletes, models, actors, actresses and anyone that wants the best solution for natural hair. This product is excellent for braids or locks, curly hair & afro’s. If you  just need something that will keep your hair feeling revived and maintain a natural great appearance.  Women that love to wear their hair natural are drawn to Golden Soil because each bottle is made with a purpose making it a personal favorite when it comes to maintaining their natural hair.

Here is some history behind “Golden Soil” This product was inspired by the Barbados  family tradition of believing that natural beauty must not be compromised with harmful ingredients. They combine rich minerals with the finest blend of natural plant and herb extracts, formulated from the elders of Barbados. Golden Soil revives hair to its most balanced state.

Golden SoiL has been used in a number of different hair styles.  Their customers have displayed numerous different styles in which they have used their products.  Some of those hairstyles consist of;  locks, braids, natural twist, and many more natural hair styles. They even have a wonderful body butter that leaves your skin feeling flawless. 

Golden Soil Signature Products–  

 Deep Cleansing Shampoo is formulated to detoxify the scalp and draw out impurities for optimal scalp health. The combination of apple-cider vinegar perfectly blended with sacred oil-infused minerals, vitamins and proteins are engineered to exfoliate, soothe and balance hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Their Leave-in Conditioner is strategically infused with Vita-min E, Aloe Vera, Geranium and ancestral blends to provide in-tense moisture that reconditions unbalanced hair. The silk protein provides maximum hair protection and is targeted to penetrate deep within the hair shaft to cultivate your natural hair, rejuvenate hair follicles and promote manageability and a silkysmooth finish.

 Body Butter is a feast for the skin! It’s handmade with natural cocoa butter, fresh mangos and Bajan ancestral oil-blends. Golden Soil’s Body Butter is designed to awaken your skin and transform a glowing and refreshing new you!

The Twisting Gel is an essential styling aid enriched with Vitamin E and a natural com-pound of Bajan blends. The naturally based gel is designed to provide nourishment to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. The perfectly blended natural holding forum takes your locs and twists to another level of style and sophistication.

Golden Soil is so amazing we had to write about it. There could not be a more perfect product to help the maintenance process of natural hair. We only mention top of the line products and this is definitely one product that works. Please visit the website to check out “Golden Soil” Their website is https://goldensoilproducts.com/Shop/natural-twisting-gel/ 

Their Instagram is : @Goldensoilproducts & @Goldensoilnaturalist