Hot Upcoming Male Model Jeremy Neal


We have an amazing handsome male model we would like to introduce to the world, his name is Jeremy Neal!

Jeremy Neal is an amazing talent. He has an interesting story that leads up to how he ended up being an amazing male model.

He graduated from Florida State University pre-med after 4 years of studying and thinking about what he wanted to do with his life, when he decided the road towards medicine it was a little monotonous to him. He then decided to move to Los Angeles. Where he can now do what he loves to do and that is to model, act and do stunts. 

Here is some more insight into this talented male model Jeremy Neal:

Now, that Jeremy Neal is in Los Angeles, he is now able to pursue his career as an model/actor. He does have a great image that contributes to his success as a great male model. He is now open for opportunities as a model/actor/stuntman. 

Jeremy is spontaneous and likes to live his life on the edge, and he is committed towards bringing his own personal flair to the modeling and film industry of LA.

His favorite activities range from cliff diving in Malibu to Parkour along the rooftops of west hollywood. He embraces fear, and define failure as a motivator for success. If you wish to meet someone who isn’t intimidated by the trials and tribulations of life, who loves to push himself and accomplish the impossible, then reach out to him and be creative together! 


Height: 6’2"

Waist: 34”

Collar: 17”

Chest: 38”

Sleeve: 26”

Inseam: 30"
For Bookings and Castings he can be reached at the following email address below:
Jeremy Social Media platforms :  His Instagram is @jeremyskittles 

What’s Hot In Fashion


Listen closely to what the founders of this hot clothing line had to say in reference to how they formed. They have an interesting story and a great voice. The brand speaks for itself.  Please reference to their bio below!

From the Streets of L.A. I, Marvin Pantaleon, founder of One World Peace grew up Playing sports and wearing Street Wear Fashion which is where my first inspiration came from to start the clothing brand.

ONE WORLD PEACE CLOTHING was born November of 2014. I went all in on my idea to start the Brand after I lost my job.

I came up with the name One World Peace company after my original idea to name it “Worldwide Peace”. Thought about adding my Favorite number to it and it sounded Right and so it came out as “One World Peace “.

Our vision  One World Peace co. is to Help spread positivity and make a difference around you and your community. By being yourself and living #PeaceLoveKnowledge life Style. Also for every 1 Product Bought it helps give 1 backpack away in our annual events.

I later teamed up in 2015 with now co- founder  WYEL LEGEND who I met my second year into establishing ONE WORLD PEACE CLOTHING. We became business partners and close friends because we shared the same views and very similar mission to make a postive change in society thru our talent and art. What better way to do it then by combining quality clothing and music is the thought that sparked the journey. Wyel Legend brings talented quality music and his overall driven energy and understanding of the table and so we make a great team together and have thus far accomplished great feats as we continue to grow and progress in the Fashion and Music industry.

13 fashion shows, 3,000 backpack giveaways, and 3 major music video appearances later we are continuing to push the limits and raise the bar to set our mark in history at being one of the best to ever do it in both areas of fashion and music.

Our customers have been all kinds. Such as local and celebes known nationwide, Athletes, Skaters, New Generation thinkers, and People who overall believe in Spreading Positivity.

We find new customers and supporters everyday via  Social media and person to person meet and greets by  going out to events and just word of mouth everywhere we go we try to promote the brand to find new customers.

One of our most proud moments in the company history is when when we started to  ship a few items out of state and out the country. Every summer we host our own Annual event “One World Peace co. Back to school supply give way Event”


You can expect Progression in all areas of the company and partnership as One World Peace Co grows into the worldwide favorite qe see it becoming.

We are Spreading World Peace with Clothing and music Making the fantasy of World Peace a Reality . Make a difference wearing OWP , Be yourself #PeaceLoveKnowledge

Founder : Marvin Pantaleon &

Co-founder : Wyel Legend


One World Peace Co.

Originated in South Gate,Ca

Follow Us

Instagram: @1_worldpeace




YouTube : One World Peace co.



Online Store :


Upcoming Beauty Trends

 We have discovered a hot new product that works for natural hair. This product is called “Golden Soil” They offer numerous products that helps enhance your beauty and keep you natural. They even have one of the best “Body Butters” I have ever used. Here is a little insight on “Golden Soil” They are the future for the natural hair providing moisture, sheen and the proper proportioned nutrients  to help the hair maintain its natural growth. Golden Soil’s secret is providing nothing but the best ingredients ensuring natural nutrients that help the hair grow and maintain its natural youth. Golden Soil has been the perfect solution for athletes, models, actors, actresses and anyone that wants the best solution for natural hair. This product is excellent for braids or locks, curly hair & afro’s. If you  just need something that will keep your hair feeling revived and maintain a natural great appearance.  Women that love to wear their hair natural are drawn to Golden Soil because each bottle is made with a purpose making it a personal favorite when it comes to maintaining their natural hair.

Here is some history behind “Golden Soil” This product was inspired by the Barbados  family tradition of believing that natural beauty must not be compromised with harmful ingredients. They combine rich minerals with the finest blend of natural plant and herb extracts, formulated from the elders of Barbados. Golden Soil revives hair to its most balanced state.

Golden SoiL has been used in a number of different hair styles.  Their customers have displayed numerous different styles in which they have used their products.  Some of those hairstyles consist of;  locks, braids, natural twist, and many more natural hair styles. They even have a wonderful body butter that leaves your skin feeling flawless. 

Golden Soil Signature Products–  

 Deep Cleansing Shampoo is formulated to detoxify the scalp and draw out impurities for optimal scalp health. The combination of apple-cider vinegar perfectly blended with sacred oil-infused minerals, vitamins and proteins are engineered to exfoliate, soothe and balance hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Their Leave-in Conditioner is strategically infused with Vita-min E, Aloe Vera, Geranium and ancestral blends to provide in-tense moisture that reconditions unbalanced hair. The silk protein provides maximum hair protection and is targeted to penetrate deep within the hair shaft to cultivate your natural hair, rejuvenate hair follicles and promote manageability and a silkysmooth finish.

 Body Butter is a feast for the skin! It’s handmade with natural cocoa butter, fresh mangos and Bajan ancestral oil-blends. Golden Soil’s Body Butter is designed to awaken your skin and transform a glowing and refreshing new you!

The Twisting Gel is an essential styling aid enriched with Vitamin E and a natural com-pound of Bajan blends. The naturally based gel is designed to provide nourishment to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. The perfectly blended natural holding forum takes your locs and twists to another level of style and sophistication.

Golden Soil is so amazing we had to write about it. There could not be a more perfect product to help the maintenance process of natural hair. We only mention top of the line products and this is definitely one product that works. Please visit the website to check out “Golden Soil” Their website is 

Their Instagram is : @Goldensoilproducts & @Goldensoilnaturalist