R&B Upcoming Superstar JT Cotton

JT Cotton Hot New Single “Moment of Appreciation”

JT Cotton has really impressed us with all his achievements he has been doing over time. He was born in New Brunswick and raised in Somerset New Jersey. JT Cotton has started off at an early age being musically inclined. At the age of 2 years old he was already playing the piano. He developed a passion for music at such a young age.

He was raised in the Church. Being raised in the Church he was able to embrace his inspiration for music . His mother was one of his biggest inspirations, he would watch her sing at church in Choir. Also in his household his parents would play some of the best old school music.

When it comes to R&B & Gospel on an independent level JT Cotton has become one of the biggest independent artist on Radar. He has also been featured on over 100 media outlets. He has developed a name for himself and proven himself to be beyond great. he has worked with some of the most respected names in the industry.

JT music is more than just real R&B it also inspires, motivates and change lives. His music is soulful. It has a positive message to it and touches people in a positive way.

Over the last 5 years JT Cotton has generated over 1.1 Million Views. 950,000 music plays, he was placed on 150,000 fans playlists, 3500 email subscribers and a monthly email blast opening rate of 56%. JT Cotton has worked with some of the most prominent Vocal Coaches in history. Such as; Ron Grant Former VP of Sony Records. He has worked with Nicki Richards. Her credits include Madonna, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger. He has also worked with Gwen Conley, her credits include; Ray Charles, Clifton Davis and Bill Cosby. Those are just to name a few. He has also worked with LLana Martin , who her credits include Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle and Barry White.

JT Cotton has a new single he dropped called “Moment of Appreciation” This single is smoking hot and has a nice video to match.

Here are some direct links below for JT Cotton and also his social media links:




Twitter: www.twitter.com/jtcottonmusic

Instagram: @iamjtcotton

Twitter: @jtcottonmusic


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