Powerful Music Executive Robert Kool Bell

We have seen the progress over the years, with heavy weight executive “Robert Kool Bell” AKA Robin Hood. He has definitely paved his way in the music industry.  He is a very seasoned music executive with credibility. He is one of the founding members of the legendary Pop/R&B group “Kool 7 The Gang” They are a 7 Time Grammy Award-Winners and also of the “American Music Award”. He discovered one of the most successful groups in history . They were multi-platinum selling and the most sampled band of all time.  Kool & The Gang has sold over 80 Million albums worldwide and influenced the music generations with being the top 25 and top ten in R&B. They also hit the 9 top ten pop hits and 31 gold and platinum albums.

Robert Kool Bell better known as Robin Hood has been fortunate to make history with being an amazing  ambassador of music and arts in many countries, including being a music ambassador to tourism in the Ivory Coast. One of his greatest achievements is the fact that “REACH” (Renewable Energy Applications to Conserve Humanity) Appointed Robert Kool Bell as its Global Ambassador, for sustainable energy. Robert Kool Bell has a combined history of 50+ years experience in the music industry and business experience as well as international experience. That is huge! He has also been working with new partners in the development of films, TV Shows and episodic series. He has also been fortunate enough to construct, design and display his own unique fragrance for men named “Kool Cologne” This is just to name a few. We definitely give this executive full credit .

We are definitely in tune to what his next big moves will be.  so stay tuned for his next big updates.