Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Hype

So what do you guys think about the PopEye’s Chicken Hype? Me and my family first got the news , the first day they said they were bringing the “Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich” back. We rushed into Popeye’s to discover it was a line way out the door. The line was the longest and biggest i ever seen “Popeye’s Chicken”, the chicken sandwich hyped up their sales, and made their business become high in demand. All it takes is a celebrity to talk about it or endorse the brand and there you go, now everyone is rushing to “Popeye’s Chicken” . They are all trying to get a chicken sandwich. So, since the line was way out the door at the first location, we decided to go to another location and the line was longer than the prior location. Then we decided to try another location and it was also very long as well. So then i was like wow, i’m going to go back to the first location because it had the shortest line. So i then went back there and then was told after waiting in that long line that it would be a one to two hour wait for the “Popeye’s chicken Sandwich” I then became frustrated and my brother told me to order from the App. so i downloaded the “App” And ordered from there. The app did not tell me when my order was ready or nothing. so it was confusing. So, when i finally ordered from the App. it took over an hour and a half before my order was ready. We ordered 5 Popeye’s Chicken sandwich combos. So when i went to pick my order up, they told me they ran out of fries, but the app allowed me and many others to order fries with our order. Since now my order is all messed up 5 chicken sandwiches with fries ordered from the app, changed to 5 chicken sandwiches with rice and beans, since they told me i can’t get no fries with my order, even though the app said yes i can get fries. I then asked them if they would accommodate me with an additional side since there was no fries available, when, i ordered one and a half hour ago with fries. They were rude and said no. They did not give me anything extra, even though they tried to say i can have an apple pie. Well, that was never included in my bag. They never even gave me that. So now this sandwich is hyped up like it is so good and personally it was sloppy put together and was unprofessional service, I do not understand how “Popeyes Chicken” Can run out of sandwiches! It makes no sense. They specialize in Chicken and the chicken sandwich was out of order and then when you arrive there is a one hour wait to receive the sandwich. So after all this hype and wait, i’m expecting the best damn chicken sandwich i ever had and when i finally tasted the chicken sandwich i was not thrilled at all! It was ok, but not worth all the wait and hype they are doing on it. The chicken tasted just like their everyday chicken. The spicy was too spicy for my taste buds but the only unique thing about it was the pickles and the Bun was a little different and looked a bit like a hawaiian bun. So it’s definitely not worth all the hype people are making it out to be.

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