Phanuel The Heart Of DanceHall


We have discovered an amazing talent. His name is Phanuel St. Vil. He is an Haitian born Reggae Pop artist. Residing in Miami, Florida, he is an amazing talent with a diverse group of recordings.

Phanuel was inspired by his uncle that always played music and instruments around him to do music. Phanuel found his love for music at an young age. When he was very young he built his own guitar from scratch. Having the motivation, inspiration from his uncle and wanting to continue with great music.

Phanuel had the vision and he knew this was the right path for him. Growing up with very limited resources he made a way to make things possible. By never giving up on himself and developing great content. He established a name for himself and established his own band at such a young age, called “Nostage”. He eventually gained lots of fans in his small town and neighboring cities, which lead him to get paid to perform.

When he was just 15 years old, The Mayor of Ansafoler, in Haiti reached out to Phanuel and asked him to put together a free concert for people and promote the Mayor’s initiatives through his performances.

At age 16 he was sent to the Bahamas to live with his father. This is when Reggae music impacted his musical creativity and identity. He was inspired by artists like; Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Gregory Isaac, Shabba Ranks, Cobra, Sanchez and Dennis Brown and many more.

His uncle have moved to Miami years ago and since Phanuel and his uncle always had a close bond and both were tied to music. Phanuel wanted to be close to his uncle. He begged his family to allow him to move to the states so he could be close to his uncle. He finally was able to come to the states . There he met Candace a friend of his Aunt’s who sang as a back up singer for Teena Marie. She noticed that Phanuel was a superstar in the making. He proceeded to being managed by her and doing multiple recordings with her, then he branched on his own path and continued to release hit records.

To make a long story short we love his style and swag as he brings forth music that gives you good vibes and allows you to vibe with his music. He is such an inspiring music artists. His message to the world has been follow your dreams and never give up.

His new hot song he released called “Body Shake” is now available for streaming and radio play..

You can Check out Phanuel on multiple platforms such as: