Nicki Minaj Hot New Song “Tusa” with Karol G

Nicki Minaj new song Tusa is smoking hot!

Nicki Minaj & Karol G Video Tusa

After watching the video of Nicki Minaj hot new song “Tusa” I must admit the song is smoking hot. The song brings out another side of Nicki showing how versatile she is, and how talented she really is. She has clearly made it known that she is nobody to mess around with. She has turned up the heat and showing off her ability to not only be competitive, but also be diverse. The song “Tusa” has already reached over 11 millions of views within just two days. That is mind breaking! I would say Nicki Minaj is in a really good space. She is married now, big rock on her finger and she is having an amazing relationship with her husband and continuing to release hit records. I never known Nicki could speak Spanish so well. She switched from singing to rap and Spanish to English. This was more than hot.

This shows the Queen is undefeated. She is definitely a dominating force in the Hip Hop industry, paving the way for other female rappers and clearly dominating the rap game and showing us her skillset. Also leaving her opponents looking sick. Karol G mentions that her and Nicki starting communicating about their collaboration via Instagram, she sent Nicki a few tracks and their chemistry was so impeccable. Nicki literally did this song fast and that shows how good her writing ability is that she can make hit records in a little bit of time, writing and developing the songs and delivering hot content. This hot new song “Tusa” has only been out for two days an already reached way over 11 Million views on YouTube alone.

Minaj is currently working hard on her 5th studio album. Nicki did mention in a prior interview that she is excited about this album. I know i’m definitely excited about this album as well.

If you guys have not seen the video for Nicki Minaj hot new song “Tusa” please click on the link below :

Nicki Minaj & Karol G video Tusa

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