Hip Hop legend Bobby Draken’it with “Off THe Planet Productions”

I would like to introduce to the world Bobby Draken’it with “Off The Planet Productions” He is phenomenal. He is originally from Oakland, CA but has been making a rise in Los angeles, CA.  His content has been sick, anywhere from making sick beats, to hosting huge events and streaming live at amazing shows. He has worked with my different celebrities and has made a name for himself in the Bay Area as well as Los Angeles, CA.

Bobby Draken’It has provided us with consistency and a desire to make it. He was not taking no for an answer. He works hard, to provide the world with great content.  He is not only a music artist but a composer as well. He creates some extraordinary beats. His Catalog for beats are being considered for major opportunities for film placements. Also he has been rocking the microphone since he was 15 years old. So he has had time to perfect his craft.  His swag and lyrical content is what separates him from the rest of the world.  He has been known to attract the crowds at his performances. He is definitely “Off The Planet”

Check him out for future updates!

Link to his Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/bobby.drakenit

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