Hot Upcoming Male Model Jeremy Neal


We have an amazing handsome male model we would like to introduce to the world, his name is Jeremy Neal!

Jeremy Neal is an amazing talent. He has an interesting story that leads up to how he ended up being an amazing male model.

He graduated from Florida State University pre-med after 4 years of studying and thinking about what he wanted to do with his life, when he decided the road towards medicine it was a little monotonous to him. He then decided to move to Los Angeles. Where he can now do what he loves to do and that is to model, act and do stunts. 

Here is some more insight into this talented male model Jeremy Neal:

Now, that Jeremy Neal is in Los Angeles, he is now able to pursue his career as an model/actor. He does have a great image that contributes to his success as a great male model. He is now open for opportunities as a model/actor/stuntman. 

Jeremy is spontaneous and likes to live his life on the edge, and he is committed towards bringing his own personal flair to the modeling and film industry of LA.

His favorite activities range from cliff diving in Malibu to Parkour along the rooftops of west hollywood. He embraces fear, and define failure as a motivator for success. If you wish to meet someone who isn’t intimidated by the trials and tribulations of life, who loves to push himself and accomplish the impossible, then reach out to him and be creative together! 


Height: 6’2"

Waist: 34”

Collar: 17”

Chest: 38”

Sleeve: 26”

Inseam: 30"
For Bookings and Castings he can be reached at the following email address below:
Jeremy Social Media platforms :  His Instagram is @jeremyskittles