Al Coe hits The Scene with his new feature in the movie Scott Free

We have seen it all from Al Coe, he has showed us many times his skillset of being able to transcend in different areas. Al Coe has went from recording artist to now being able to star in a major film next to credible names.

This is a great accomplishment for the rapper, landing a role in an“ Atlanta based “ movie coming out called “ Scott Free” with Columbus Short. This is an amazing opportunity Al Coe landed next to a very credible name in the industry.
Just to drop a few more credible sources to this upcoming amazing film consist of Felicia “Snoop from the wire “ Pearson
,Tray Chaney, Dj Holiday and other major actors and the movie is directed by Fredason and is coming out in a few months

you guys stay tuned to check out this upcoming film and shine light on some amazing talent. Again the name of the movie is called “Scott Free”

You can follow Al Coe on social media platforms for more details and updates on this amazing film featuring “Columbus Short “ @alcoe or @coestyle

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