3 Of a Kind Upcoming Superstars

I’m excited to say we discovered a hot new upcoming group. They are called 3 of a Kind. Also spelled Three of a Kind. This is a hot upcoming all girl group that brings the spunky, swag, fashion and hot music to the scene of Hip Hop. The group consist of Barb, Bella and Queen. They came together early this year to make some major moves and to shake the industry.

Being the first Transgender girl group, this group is really making a wave and a huge impact on the community. Not only are these gorgeous girls that obviously takes really good care of their personal appearance, they are really smoking hot and have a great stage presence as well. They make good music.

The group has a hot new song with Saucy Santana from Love & Hip Hop, Miami. The song is hot and has great energy to it. The song is called “Finesse” The remix version of the song features Saucy santana. The group is always on Go! They are ready and have everything it takes to be a success in this industry. They have the swag, charm, charisma, energy, great music and they are trending.

The group represents everything that a girl group should. be They are representations of the LGBT community and they represent it well bringing intelligence, charm, sex appeal and class . They speak well and have a humble demeanor.

Stay tuned and watch out for their upcoming songs, you will be amazed.

You can also find this group on instagram @ Threee.ofakindĀ