Upcoming Talented Hip Hop Artist Gael DeLARossa

Gael DeLaRossa Hot new Song Stuck In My Wayz 

We have a really hot upcoming music artist by the name of Gael DeLaRossa. He is creating a strong impression with his music. He has proven to us that he can hold his own when it comes to becoming a hot solo artist.

Gael DeLARossa has been the new wave up a triple threat, he has the looks, intelligence and great music to set the wave for the new generation. He has been developing his craft himself and doing a phenomenal job at it.

Straight out of Fresno Ca . Gael has been a fixture in California hip hop for some time.  After relocating to Los Angeles back in 2008 and joining a band and touring for many years in the underground hip hop scene .He’s finally decided to come out on his own as a solo artist . Mixing R&B with Hip Hop & Punk . Gael has his own unique sound with a dual threat ability of being able to sing as well as rap .  Even being a brand new artist you can hear his veteran presence on the record. A breath of fresh air in a game full of copy cats.

Be sure to check out his new song that just dropped called ” Stuck In My Wayz  “

Be sure to follow Gael on his social media platforms to connect and stay up to date with his hot new music!

Instagram : www.instagram.com/ricanpapi3

Facebook fan page :https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/Gael-DeLarossa-107620907310638/

R&B Upcoming Superstar JT Cotton

JT Cotton Hot New Single “Moment of Appreciation”

JT Cotton has really impressed us with all his achievements he has been doing over time. He was born in New Brunswick and raised in Somerset New Jersey. JT Cotton has started off at an early age being musically inclined. At the age of 2 years old he was already playing the piano. He developed a passion for music at such a young age.

He was raised in the Church. Being raised in the Church he was able to embrace his inspiration for music . His mother was one of his biggest inspirations, he would watch her sing at church in Choir. Also in his household his parents would play some of the best old school music.

When it comes to R&B & Gospel on an independent level JT Cotton has become one of the biggest independent artist on Radar. He has also been featured on over 100 media outlets. He has developed a name for himself and proven himself to be beyond great. he has worked with some of the most respected names in the industry.

JT music is more than just real R&B it also inspires, motivates and change lives. His music is soulful. It has a positive message to it and touches people in a positive way.

Over the last 5 years JT Cotton has generated over 1.1 Million Views. 950,000 music plays, he was placed on 150,000 fans playlists, 3500 email subscribers and a monthly email blast opening rate of 56%. JT Cotton has worked with some of the most prominent Vocal Coaches in history. Such as; Ron Grant Former VP of Sony Records. He has worked with Nicki Richards. Her credits include Madonna, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger. He has also worked with Gwen Conley, her credits include; Ray Charles, Clifton Davis and Bill Cosby. Those are just to name a few. He has also worked with LLana Martin , who her credits include Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle and Barry White.

JT Cotton has a new single he dropped called “Moment of Appreciation” This single is smoking hot and has a nice video to match.

Here are some direct links below for JT Cotton and also his social media links:




Twitter: www.twitter.com/jtcottonmusic

Instagram: @iamjtcotton

Twitter: @jtcottonmusic


Upcoming Hip Hop artist Ell Ebak

We checked out a new upcoming music artist by the name of Ell Ebak. He was raised in the Bronx, NY. Growing up he would travel back and forth from the Bronx to Upstate creating music. He fell in love with music at a very young age and decided to uplift his craft and take it to another level. Inspired by Hip Hop legends such as ” Lil Wayne”, “Jay-Z” & J-Cole.

Ell Ebak decided that he would take his music career serious and start developing his craft and practicing consistently. He then noticed that his music was starting to sound better and his content was becoming more organized. His music starting shifting and making a 360 turn. He then starting incorporating storytelling into his music. This artist is unique in his own way. He would storytell on his raps over soulful beats. He starting becoming a more versatile rap artist . His music was an outlet to express his soul and connect to an audience. So it’s more of a therapeutic process for him. His main goal is to make a positive impact on people lives with his music and his soul.

Ell Ebak new song “About 2 Be Lit” You guys can check it out !

His instagram https://www.instagram.com/ellebak/

Ell Ebak Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingEllEbak/

Hip Hop Artist Ell Ebak

Nicki Minaj Hot New Song “Tusa” with Karol G

Nicki Minaj new song Tusa is smoking hot!

Nicki Minaj & Karol G Video Tusa

After watching the video of Nicki Minaj hot new song “Tusa” I must admit the song is smoking hot. The song brings out another side of Nicki showing how versatile she is, and how talented she really is. She has clearly made it known that she is nobody to mess around with. She has turned up the heat and showing off her ability to not only be competitive, but also be diverse. The song “Tusa” has already reached over 11 millions of views within just two days. That is mind breaking! I would say Nicki Minaj is in a really good space. She is married now, big rock on her finger and she is having an amazing relationship with her husband and continuing to release hit records. I never known Nicki could speak Spanish so well. She switched from singing to rap and Spanish to English. This was more than hot.

This shows the Queen is undefeated. She is definitely a dominating force in the Hip Hop industry, paving the way for other female rappers and clearly dominating the rap game and showing us her skillset. Also leaving her opponents looking sick. Karol G mentions that her and Nicki starting communicating about their collaboration via Instagram, she sent Nicki a few tracks and their chemistry was so impeccable. Nicki literally did this song fast and that shows how good her writing ability is that she can make hit records in a little bit of time, writing and developing the songs and delivering hot content. This hot new song “Tusa” has only been out for two days an already reached way over 11 Million views on YouTube alone.

Minaj is currently working hard on her 5th studio album. Nicki did mention in a prior interview that she is excited about this album. I know i’m definitely excited about this album as well.

If you guys have not seen the video for Nicki Minaj hot new song “Tusa” please click on the link below : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbneQDc2H3I

Nicki Minaj & Karol G video Tusa

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Hype

So what do you guys think about the PopEye’s Chicken Hype? Me and my family first got the news , the first day they said they were bringing the “Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich” back. We rushed into Popeye’s to discover it was a line way out the door. The line was the longest and biggest i ever seen “Popeye’s Chicken”, the chicken sandwich hyped up their sales, and made their business become high in demand. All it takes is a celebrity to talk about it or endorse the brand and there you go, now everyone is rushing to “Popeye’s Chicken” . They are all trying to get a chicken sandwich. So, since the line was way out the door at the first location, we decided to go to another location and the line was longer than the prior location. Then we decided to try another location and it was also very long as well. So then i was like wow, i’m going to go back to the first location because it had the shortest line. So i then went back there and then was told after waiting in that long line that it would be a one to two hour wait for the “Popeye’s chicken Sandwich” I then became frustrated and my brother told me to order from the App. so i downloaded the “App” And ordered from there. The app did not tell me when my order was ready or nothing. so it was confusing. So, when i finally ordered from the App. it took over an hour and a half before my order was ready. We ordered 5 Popeye’s Chicken sandwich combos. So when i went to pick my order up, they told me they ran out of fries, but the app allowed me and many others to order fries with our order. Since now my order is all messed up 5 chicken sandwiches with fries ordered from the app, changed to 5 chicken sandwiches with rice and beans, since they told me i can’t get no fries with my order, even though the app said yes i can get fries. I then asked them if they would accommodate me with an additional side since there was no fries available, when, i ordered one and a half hour ago with fries. They were rude and said no. They did not give me anything extra, even though they tried to say i can have an apple pie. Well, that was never included in my bag. They never even gave me that. So now this sandwich is hyped up like it is so good and personally it was sloppy put together and was unprofessional service, I do not understand how “Popeyes Chicken” Can run out of sandwiches! It makes no sense. They specialize in Chicken and the chicken sandwich was out of order and then when you arrive there is a one hour wait to receive the sandwich. So after all this hype and wait, i’m expecting the best damn chicken sandwich i ever had and when i finally tasted the chicken sandwich i was not thrilled at all! It was ok, but not worth all the wait and hype they are doing on it. The chicken tasted just like their everyday chicken. The spicy was too spicy for my taste buds but the only unique thing about it was the pickles and the Bun was a little different and looked a bit like a hawaiian bun. So it’s definitely not worth all the hype people are making it out to be.