3 Of a Kind Upcoming Superstars

I’m excited to say we discovered a hot new upcoming group. They are called 3 of a Kind. Also spelled Three of a Kind. This is a hot upcoming all girl group that brings the spunky, swag, fashion and hot music to the scene of Hip Hop. The group consist of Barb, Bella and Queen. They came together early this year to make some major moves and to shake the industry.

Being the first Transgender girl group, this group is really making a wave and a huge impact on the community. Not only are these gorgeous girls that obviously takes really good care of their personal appearance, they are really smoking hot and have a great stage presence as well. They make good music.

The group has a hot new song with Saucy Santana from Love & Hip Hop, Miami. The song is hot and has great energy to it. The song is called “Finesse” The remix version of the song features Saucy santana. The group is always on Go! They are ready and have everything it takes to be a success in this industry. They have the swag, charm, charisma, energy, great music and they are trending.

The group represents everything that a girl group should. be They are representations of the LGBT community and they represent it well bringing intelligence, charm, sex appeal and class . They speak well and have a humble demeanor.

Stay tuned and watch out for their upcoming songs, you will be amazed.

You can also find this group on instagram @ Threee.ofakind 

Ameerah Jay Teen SuperStar Releases her new song Survivor

Ameerah Jay is an upcoming Superstar, the daughter of a popular and famous European artist Elam Jay. Ameerah Jay has proven that she has it all, the brains the beauty and the voice of a mainstream artist. She is an amazing talent. Her song “Survivor” Is a song that i know can obtain multiple awards. She is stunning!!

Her voice is so big and she is only 14 years old. When she sings you immediately feel her energy and inspiration. She puts her heart and soul into her music. She has a unique style. from her own life experiences she constructed the perfect song “Survivor” which entails her own struggles and challenges in life that created the perfect masterpiece.

 Born in Geneva in September 2005, Ameerah Jay has her roots in Morocco from her father and in Romania from her mother. The multiple nationalities allowed her to travel all the time between countries and continents and helped improving her taste for eclectic quality music.

Inheriting a love of soul music from her father and a love of current pop from her mother, Ameerah Jay forged her own unique identity in singing.

Compared with Adele or Amy Winehouse, yet such a distinct incomparable voice, Ameerah Jay comes out with her unique, original style, that once you listen to her, you know that she might inspire the world forever.

With amazing parents that are also performing artists, Ameerah landed into the music business since she was born. She grew up taking part of late studio sessions, shows rehearsals or brainstorming meetings about launching strategies.

At 8 years old she began her singing career. She knew this is where her passion was. Her love for the stage happened when she performed for the first time at the age of 10, on a show organized by her ART’s school, and finished her representation with the whole crowd giving her a standing ovation.

Since 2 years she moved with her family in the United States of America, where her father built up his music Label, Jay Vibe Records with studios and offices in both Miami, Florida and Marrakech, Morocco.

Her debut visual album suggestively entitled “Already 14”, wove between hard hitting songs touching on actual social situation and more personal narrative ones.

The first common reaction to her music, is “What?!! No way this girl is 14 years old!” The mind-blowing power of her voice, complimented so well by her emotions and the soul she exhibits through each word, might touch you to tears. Each of the songs, written and composed by her father, Elam Jay, who has a passion for both, the emotional songwriting and visceral beats, has meaningful lyrics, narrating important episodes of the artist’s, certainly short, but already such experimented life. It’s about raw human emotions, sometimes controversial sometimes just simple but always in their purest condition, to illustrate a chronology of relevant events.

The album is an overwhelming blending of styles as pop, country, soul with some rockish sonorities, just enough to make each song sound epic.

Barely in her teens, Ameerah Jay is here to prove she means business. Check out her new release “Survivor” hitting all platforms May 29th the song is incredible. 

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Ameerah Jay Social Media Below:



Al Coe hits The Scene with his new feature in the movie Scott Free

We have seen it all from Al Coe, he has showed us many times his skillset of being able to transcend in different areas. Al Coe has went from recording artist to now being able to star in a major film next to credible names.

This is a great accomplishment for the rapper, landing a role in an“ Atlanta based “ movie coming out called “ Scott Free” with Columbus Short. This is an amazing opportunity Al Coe landed next to a very credible name in the industry.
Just to drop a few more credible sources to this upcoming amazing film consist of Felicia “Snoop from the wire “ Pearson
,Tray Chaney, Dj Holiday and other major actors and the movie is directed by Fredason and is coming out in a few months

you guys stay tuned to check out this upcoming film and shine light on some amazing talent. Again the name of the movie is called “Scott Free”

You can follow Al Coe on social media platforms for more details and updates on this amazing film featuring “Columbus Short “ @alcoe or @coestyle

Upcoming Canadian Artist

We have a Canadian artist by the name of Kenton Hoyte AKA Dice, that has been on the move with his music career. He was born in Toronto, Canada from parents of Caribbean descent.

He progressed in his career from rejection of being signed with a label. Instead of waiting for someone to make changes on his career, he decided to go about this and make some action on his own. He then formed his own independent label.

“Uprizen Recordz” was formed by Dice and is a great independent label that helps to shape artists. Dice label is rooted in hip-hop but is also open to producing different genres of music. The label goals is to uplift the listeners by comforting them, teaching them and growing with and helping the listeners go through the trials of life, leading or pointing them to the ultimate prize to which they believe can only be found in God.

Please check out his new release named WORLD STATE ADRESS!

You can find Dice on these social media platforms:








Hott Kitty Kat the Future of Female Hip Hop artists

“Wash Your Hands” (Coronavirus Song) Going ‘Viral’!

Tiffany Stiger AKA” Hott Kitty Kat” Is the singer-songwriter of the ‘viral’ song “Wash Your Hands (Coronavirus Song)” that encourages all of us to wear a face mask and wash our hands to protect us from getting or giving the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This song has been raising health awareness throughout our community. Teaching the community how to stay safe and boost their immune system throughout the pandemic.

She is also doing real interviews with actual covid19 victims to give the world insight of the virus and how it affects the body from real victims and giving insight as to ways to prevent or what to do if you do come in contact with the virus. The song has been a way for her to give back to the community and teach others how to be safe. It is available on all streaming sources such as Spotify, google play store and Deezer.

 Tiffany is a very intelligent, well diverse and creative entrepreneur. She formed Elite Music Promotions enabling music artists to gain major exposure by giving them a great platform. She has started her career as a Teenage actress acting in major films and TV Series. She knew at that point that she wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry. With current episodes upcoming on major TV networks, working behind the scenes forming huge events in Los Angeles called the West Coast Executive Music conference. She is putting in real work. All while developing several films and TV Shows.

Link to the covid-19 video Hott Kitty Kat created :  Link to song: https://youtu.be/IISxEzwc2bU


Tiffany is a very intelligent, well diverse and creative entrepreneur. Shehe has started her career as a Teenage actress acting in major films and TV Series. She knew at that point that she wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry.

However, her parents were strict on education, they made her attend college to have a backing and to make smart career choices. So right after high school she attended a private university called “Woodbury University” Located in Burbank, CA, she attended “Woodbury University” For several years then she transferred to CSUN (Cal State University Northridge), where she continued to pursue her education, she started off with a psychology major, then knew she wanted to transcend into business.

After several more years of schooling and obtaining a high educational degree, she then switched her major to business, she knew that she wanted to understand the process of developing better business skills and learning how to run a successful business. Tiffany has proven over and over again to make the impossible possible. She has a strong drive to over achieve in any task that she has been given. She always puts a full effort into her projects and takes every task serious.

  Tiffany Stiger, has attended acting school with the famous “Alan Faucet” He is a strong acting coach with a huge platform for success. At her school she acted alongside with major actors that were part of hit TV Series, called “NYPD”, She has always been an inspiration for other women, she did a segment on the new version of the “Ricki Lake” Show that was geared more positive than the prior shows. On this show, she became a motivating factor into many women lives. She inspired women on this show, teaching them how to deal with relationships and how to make the right decisions on who you date. Tiffany always had a passion for helping others and being able to extend positive energy into the world.

She has also worked with comedian “Wayne Brady” Several times and won big prizes on the hit gameshow on CBS called “Let’s Make A Deal” She recently won 20,000 in vacation prizes on this hit gameshow.  Tiffany Stiger has also been a music artist since she was a teenager. She appeared in hit videos with “Snoop Dogg” “Exzibit” & “Dogg Pound” She has been featured on several national magazines, and was nominated to be involved in huge beauty pageants. She has definitely worked hard to get to where she is today. She has always had a strong passion for music. She started off as a female Hip Hop chick back in the days and was signed with “Def Jam” A&R “Oscar Sanchez” She has developed several hit songs that went big and had over 2 million streams. Her work ethic is impeccable.

In addition, she formed a huge PR Company, named “Elite Music Promotions.” She was tired of people ripping off artist and not doing the services they were paid to do. Tiffany was a victim of this when she was promoting her records back in the day. So she was ambitious to help music artists. That’s when she formed her company to help music artist get ahead in their career and to do the promotion the way it is supposed to go. Elite Music Promotions is a division under “Stiger Entertainment INC” And the company has worked with record labels, mainstream artists, independent artists as well as management companies. Tiffany has also worked with some of the biggest marketing and promotional firms in Los Angeles, CA. As well as a huge night life company in Los Angeles called “Affinity” Where they formed a huge fashion event in Beverly Hills, CA at the Sofitel. This event was Red Carpet, celebrity guests, professional models, lots of press and media, and she also had the opportunity to shoot the first episode of her Reality show “Where Fashion Meets Music”. This event was a huge success.

In addition, she graduated from film school few years ago and has worked with some huge names in the industry. She worked with “Ronnie Warner” who is a huge film maker that did a 50 -million-dollar film called “This Christmas” She has over 15 years’ experience under her belt in the music industry. She has been featured in major films, TV Shows, PSA’s and commercials. She has also hosted celebrity events, such as; “Kanye West” Pop Up shop, on “Melrose “in Hollywood. She recently recorded a hit song with “Cuba Gooding JR” brother “Omar Gooding”, called “Hey kitty Kitty “She has also landed a “Nike” commercial recently and also formed her own music showcases, giving tribute to the best independent music artist’s and presenting them with awards. She also formed her own celebrity based magazine named “Celebrity Inner Circle Magazine” as well as developing her own nonprofit organization that helps under privileged students and schools achieve their goals, named “Making Changes 4 Good Causes “Overall her credibility is substantial and she has developed some life changing opportunities for talent and has helped many shape their careers.

Tiffany has been proven to be a magnificent creator of content. Tiffany is responsible for signing music talent to labels and getting them on national tours and performing in huge festivals. For many that have crossed her path, has been a blessing. She has recently on 3/8/2020 did her nonprofit/charity event called “Walk Away the Violence” which was an event contributing to the victims of domestic violence and abuse. This charity event was formed to make these women feel beautiful, happy and give them confidence. The models were provided gift bags, their makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and the models had the opportunity to strut the runway. Also the models were dressed by the baby mother of “Rick James” with her fashion designs.

Tiffany Stiger Websites:





Tiffany Stiger social media:

Instagram @Hottkittykat

Facebook @HottKittyKat and @TiffanyStiger

Twitter @ Tiffany Stiger

Hott Kitty Kat Wash Your hands available on streaming platforms:


[email protected]

Instagram @Hottkittykat


Phanuel The Heart Of DanceHall


We have discovered an amazing talent. His name is Phanuel St. Vil. He is an Haitian born Reggae Pop artist. Residing in Miami, Florida, he is an amazing talent with a diverse group of recordings.

Phanuel was inspired by his uncle that always played music and instruments around him to do music. Phanuel found his love for music at an young age. When he was very young he built his own guitar from scratch. Having the motivation, inspiration from his uncle and wanting to continue with great music.

Phanuel had the vision and he knew this was the right path for him. Growing up with very limited resources he made a way to make things possible. By never giving up on himself and developing great content. He established a name for himself and established his own band at such a young age, called “Nostage”. He eventually gained lots of fans in his small town and neighboring cities, which lead him to get paid to perform.

When he was just 15 years old, The Mayor of Ansafoler, in Haiti reached out to Phanuel and asked him to put together a free concert for people and promote the Mayor’s initiatives through his performances.

At age 16 he was sent to the Bahamas to live with his father. This is when Reggae music impacted his musical creativity and identity. He was inspired by artists like; Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Gregory Isaac, Shabba Ranks, Cobra, Sanchez and Dennis Brown and many more.

His uncle have moved to Miami years ago and since Phanuel and his uncle always had a close bond and both were tied to music. Phanuel wanted to be close to his uncle. He begged his family to allow him to move to the states so he could be close to his uncle. He finally was able to come to the states . There he met Candace a friend of his Aunt’s who sang as a back up singer for Teena Marie. She noticed that Phanuel was a superstar in the making. He proceeded to being managed by her and doing multiple recordings with her, then he branched on his own path and continued to release hit records.

To make a long story short we love his style and swag as he brings forth music that gives you good vibes and allows you to vibe with his music. He is such an inspiring music artists. His message to the world has been follow your dreams and never give up.

His new hot song he released called “Body Shake” is now available for streaming and radio play..

You can Check out Phanuel on multiple platforms such as:




Pat Mula Drops his hot single Thotty Up

We found a hot Hip Hop artist Pat Mula. He is straight out of the Midwest. He drops a hot New Single called “Thotty Up.” This single is definitely the definition of a “Club Banger.” This song just makes you want to jump up and dance. You can feel the vibe on this hot new single. When we talk of a commercial hit, then this is what you would want to listen to.

The song “Thotty Up” Is not only creative, it is a dance song, that also has that spicy swag to it. The beat is hot and the song makes you want to jump out of your seat. This up and coming artist is definitely putting his foot in the door. He is gaining some momentum with his new release and really proving his point.

Besides dropping his hot new single, Pat Mula is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. He has performed at countless amounts of events and he is gaining a buzz. a lot of artists have contacted him for features and drops. He has been asked for many collaboration requests. He represents himself well and is definitely not taking no for an answer.

You can check him out on his social media platforms @Patmula1

Facebook: patmula

Instagram :patmula1

Superstar Peezy Atlanta best Kept Secret

Superstar Peezy is an upcoming dope lyricist, born and raised in Atlanta, zone 4 to be exact, where the cascades road and Ben Hill area, known as the SWATS, which is South West Atlanta.

Superstar Peezy was one of those guys that would work on his music while, everyone else would be doing other things. His friends and family members were into sports, while he was perfecting his craft. He realized that he was good at creating his own music and content. He started off dubbing cassette tapes and rapping over the cassette beats, after then it was over!!!! His journey of music begins.

The name speaks for itself, “Superstar Peezy”. When we discovered one of ATL’S hottest upcoming Hip Hop Stars. We were thrilled to announce “Superstar Peezy” He is hot, creative, on point and has a destiny to win. He is dropping some real smoke with his new single “Woah Now”. He gives you a whole different level of shine when he drops his hot new song blessed by a dope beat from the “Goonies.” With a combination of Peezy lyrics with the Goonies beat, the song definitely sparks up some smoke. We hear that different level of greatness that jumps at you and give you that “Woah”feeling.

Catch him on Instagram @SuperStarPeezy

Check out his hot new single “Woah Now” https://youtu.be/wzNZ1HdWUnU

BTK Villeion Columbia MO most Finest Hip Hop Upcoming SuperStar!

We discovered another hot talent. This guy is just all around platinum. He has the swag, the music and platform to make it in this industry. He is on another level of “Dope” We introduce the world to BTK Villeion, he is originally from Indianapolis, IN. He is currently a new hot artist. He has a hot new EP out called “Cell 15” available on all music platforms. So make sure you guys check him out. He is looking to expand his horizons globally across the world. His music level is nothing less than mainstream level. He is smoking hot. BTK Villeion just dropped a hot new single called “Rockstar” This is on a whole nother level of Hip Hop. This kid has charisma, style, he dresses well, he has a great presence when he walks in the room, his music quality is phenomenal. Be on the lookout for the hot new single “RockStar”

Follow him on Social Media Platforms


Also his Instagram @BTKVILLEION

MJ The Jeweler Hip Hop Upcoming Superstar


New Hip Hop Alert! We have a young kid by the name of MJ The Jeweler. He has added some new flavor to Hip Hop. We heard the music of this young kid and we are absolutely stunned by his lyrics. He has a great and strong impression with his lyrics. His music is motivational and inspiring. He has proven to the world that he can hold it down, in the world of Hip Hop. His swag is impeccable. Originally from Nassau Bahamas and now residing in Florida. He comes from a small place but makes a big impression.

The interesting fact about MJ The Jeweler is that he started off doing music at a young age. He knew as a child that this was the path for him. He has put every bit of effort into perfecting his sound. He releases music that displays his emotion in his craft and he does it in a modern and updated format. Allowing his fans and audience to relate to his content. He is truly a star in the making.

MJ being inspired by hardworking and driven parents. His parents were one of the first motivational forces behind him. He saw how hard his parents worked to become the successful entrepreneurs they are. he was inspired to follow his own dreams and to set a path for himself.

He has a new hot single that you guys can check out. His E.P. is being released. His hot single named “My Season” is one of my favorite songs. The song has a swag of its own and relatable and inspiring.

Follow him on Instagram @MJTHEJEWELER_G